As a serial entrepreneur and a busy, working mom raising two young sons -- Health, Wellness & Longevity -- have become my focus over the past decade. Wanting to live a long and healthy life for my children has become the top priority for me. To make a significant contribution every day to my community and to be a good parent, the key is to be a happy person. Feeling good, eating healthfully, exercising, meditating, and living in as chemical-free an environment as possible have become the cornerstones of my life. Through my new brand and business -- The Yellow Nest -- I am able to offer offer retreats and events at Il Nido Giallo — our Ojai house & property in Ventura County, California, as well as plant-based products via internationally revered, Switzerland-based Arbonne. My goal through this new brand and business is to make meaningful and authentic connections with people around the world, to share my story of success as an entrepreneur and a parent, and to support each individual in a genuine way to set them on a personal path to happiness and whole body well-being.


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